IT Staffing & H1B Processing

Everchanging Technology demands both entry level IT Resources to choose their choicest filed of learning for working and experienced ones to have skill upgradations. The industry thus has been experiencing churning of professionals to suit their business needs. This offers a great challenge to identify right resources and we at eProvider are fully geared for it.

At eProvider we have a pool of inhouse and outsourced Recruiters and Evaluators for responding to staffing requirements of IT Companies both for positioning new candidates and addressing the bench candidates.

H1B process for selected candidates through lottery-based selection system is our specialized area. Right from registration in the name of our USA company through to providing them with timely placements without being on bench/with minimal time on bench on arrival to the USA has been giving immense satisfaction associated with popularity. Our coordination with Attorneys in various states of the USA has been highly appreciated.